1What questions do you need to ask when booking a venue?
2When will I have access to the ranch on the day of my wedding?
You will have access to the venue from 9am until midnight.
3How much of a deposit is required to make a reservation?
A deposit of 1/3 is required in order to hold your date. The next 1/3 is due 6 months prior to the event and the last 1/3 is due 30 days before your special day.
4What is the cancellation policy?
All reservations are subject to a 90-day cancellation policy. Cancellation notification must occur at least 91 days prior to your arrival date to receive a partially refunded deposit. In the unfortunate event you must cancel your reservation; we will refund your deposit, less a transaction fee equal to 20% of the deposit amount.

Cancellation notifications made within 90 days of the arrival are ineligible for a refund.
5Am I required to have liability insurance?
Yes, a $1 million general aggregate and $1 million per occurrence Special Events liability policy (with a liquor endorsement if liquor is being served) is required naming MTS Land & Cattle LLC as an additional insured. Mancil Ranch must have a copy of the insurance certificate 60 days prior to the event. If you need help or more information, we are more than happy to provide names of insurers you can contact! Or contact wedsafe.com
6Am I required to have cancellation insurance?
Although it is not required, we strongly encourage and recommend you to purchase some. Even with careful and thoughtful planning any unexpected event (extreme weather, accidents, illness, unexpected military deployment etc.) can derail your big day!
7Can I bring in my own alcohol?
The Barn at Mancil Ranch does not have a liquor license. To help manage the liquor coming on and off the premises, we do require that you use a licensed liquor vendor, and that all alcohol be served by trained bartenders.
8Do you require use of specific vendors?
No. You can choose any vendor you wish. We do not require that you use our preferred Vendors although we highly recommend them. Caterer, bartender, DJ, photographer (any vendor that stays on site for the entire event) must submit insurance certificate naming MTS Land & Cattle LLC as an additional insured.
9Are fireworks allowed?
Fireworks are not allowed on property. We do allow sparklers, weather pending. This must be confined to the parking lot or on the brick patio dancing area.
10Are there restrictions on candles?
Due to high fire danger candles are not allowed on property. Led candles and lighting is more than welcome.
11Do you allow confetti?
No confetti is allowed on the property, but will we allow real rose petals since they can fly away and decompose.
12Do you have someone on-site during events?
Yes. A dedicated staff member is on site and available during the entire event, from start to finish. We also offer Day of Wedding Management service for an additional cost.
13When is the best time to schedule a tour of your property?
We schedule tours by appointment only. Please contact our property manager, Cindy Morley, to schedule a mutually agreeable time to see the property.